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Aussie Explorers is all about coming together to explore Sydney and beyond, not only the Sydney but its surrounds, further afield throughout Australia and overseas too! Members are welcome to suggest an event if they think something might be great to do in a group.

We travel using public transport, explore the more remote areas by arranging car pooling with no area left unexplored, from the big blue mountains national park (did you know the seven national parks that make up the greater Blue Mountains national park is bigger than metropolitan Tokyo?) to Ku rin gai chase in the north, Royal National Park in the south and all in between, did I mention the rest of Australia? Why stop there lets explore somewhere closer to home New Zealand and venture accross the world!

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Explorers from all walks of life are welcome to join, the only pre-requisite is you bring a sense of adventure and humour along while exploring plus a degree of flexibility.

We will create activities that cater to all walks of life, not only bushwalking/hiking/tramping what ever you prefer to call it, we will have social activities which are fun and designed to get out there and celebrate, experience and enjoy all things & cultures together.

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