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Small group tours Japan

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    Small group tours Japan: Culture Japan values its cultivated traditions and practices as much as it values keeping in touch with the future. Whether grounded in history or in religion, Japanese customs are still widely practiced to this day. There are many ways travelers can experience authentic Japanese heritage without having to spend too much money. A visit to a shrine, temple, or castle would provide fantastic insight into Japan’s diverse history and how Japanese society has developed.
    Additionally, Japan holds festivals year round that symbolize various aspects of culture and tradition, which are held in very high esteem by Japanese people. For anyone looking to delve further into Asian history and heritage, look no further than Japan.

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    Small group tours Japan: Adventure Snowboarding? Snorkeling? Hiking? Whatever your outdoor pleasure, Japan can provide it. Hit up the slopes in Nagano, home of the 1998 Winter Olympics or explore the beautiful oceans and beaches in Okinawa. Or you can find some serious waves just an hour outside of Tokyo, and even traverse through the amazing underwater ruins in the Ryukyu Archipelago. For all the active travelers out there, Japan is the perfect place to get your adrenaline going.

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    Small group tours Japan: Indulgence One of the major attractions of traveling throughout Japan is trying different local cuisines in every town you visit. While sushi is in fact a large part of Japanese heritage, myriad flavors from all around the world have contributed to Japan’s robust foodie culture, attracting more and more culinary figures worldwide to try the new eastern hot spot. It should therefore come as no surprise that Tokyo is ranked the number one food city by Food and Wine magazine, not to mention the fact that Tokyo has more stars in the prestigious Michelin Guidebook than any other city in the world. From noodles to sashimi to indulgence French cuisine, Japan has the food to satisfy the most discerning of palettes, as well as the strictest of budgets.

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    Small group tours Japan: Modern Art From its brightly tiered pagodas to its sleek glass buildings, its colorful prints to its budding social commentary, it is clear that modern art and architecture of Japan have a distinctly robust style. The assimilation to nature has been a fundamental design element for Japanese artists dating back centuries, an aesthetic which is still implemented to this day, (see the ACROS building in Fukuoka as a clear example). Travelers can visualize Japan’s treasured heritage and its cutting-edge future through modern design and architecture, where some of the world’s pre-eminent artists display their talent throughout the country.

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    Small group tours Japan: Pop culture is one of Japan’s biggest exports. Across the globe both children and adults have become fascinated with the quirky aesthetics of Japanese fashion and entertainment, accounting for major influence worldwide. From anime to video games and everything in between, Japan is responsible for some of the world’s most popular hobbies. So feel free to unleash your inner otaku and explore everything Japanese pop culture has to offer.

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    Small group tours Japan: Affordable Japan Everyone’s thought it at some point when thinking about going to Japan, “oh it’s just too expensive for me, maybe in a few years I’ll go.” Well JNTO is here to help you turn that few years into now! Japan really isn’t that expensive of a destination, things on average cost about what they do in any other developed country. Of course you can spend thousands of dollars a day if you really want to, but check out JNTO’s advice for those of us with more realistic budgets!
    There are many affordable options in accommodations, dining and sightseeing, from free tours to inexpensive Japanese-style inns. Find a variety of hotel and air specials as well as low cost travel tips that will make a trip to Japan really enjoyable and affordable.

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  • Small group tours Japan: You will be pleased to know that not only do we work with all the major tour operators that have small group journeys throughout Japan but best of all whatever their current special offer is we provide a further discount too making it exceptional value whoever you choose.

    We take the pain out of finding the best tour to suit your needs at the best price! If you do not want to jump into a small group tour see our range of self guided options here: ttp://

    Small group tours Japan Peregrine Adventures: PEREGRINE small group tours Japan

    Japan, a country steeped in mythical traditions and modern wonders. This journey uncovers the highlights of this fascinating country. Like the history, the country is varied and diverse: from the ancient cities like Kyoto to one of the holiest mountains in Japan, Koya-San; from the historically relevant city of Hiroshima and on to the beautifully preserved village of Tsumago; countryside backdropped by mountains, lakes and waterfalls to the bustling futuristic city of Tokyo. This tour gradually reveals the rich variety of the country as we visit temples, castles, shrines and holy mountains while still mixing with locals and experiencing the real Japan as we spend nights in family run ryokans and a mountain-top shukubo temple lodging. Come on this magical journey and experience all that Japan has to offer.

    Small group tours Japan Exodus Travels: exodus small group tours Japan

    Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and walking holidays to Japan. Efficient, beautiful, structured, contrasting and mysterious are all adjectives that could describe the unique culture of Japan. It is a fascinating blend of old and new, ancient cultures combining with the cutting edge of technology. Away from the excitement of cities such as Osaka and the stunning Kyoto, Japan is a country of great beauty and the Alps of Central Honshu and Mt Fuji are testament to this.Transport in Japan is brutally efficient, especially the trains (the best way to travel), and its cuisine is now highly fashionable. All of this culture and activity are set against a backdrop of spas, temples, snow monkeys and geese and, in season, the ubiquitous cherry blossom. Mt Fuji is the most photographed mountain in the world, and to climb Mount Fuji is a spectacular highlight.

    Small group tours Japan Tucan Travel: Tucan small group tours Japan

    Conflict, peace perseverance and prosperity have each shaped the history of Japan, which you can discover for yourself on this fascinating journey. From the early imperial palaces, traditional temples and sacred shrines, to 20th century memorials to the devastation of war, you can follow the evolution of a nation. Explore modern cities, climb dormant volcanoes and enjoy a soak in natural thermal springs and on this adventure tour to remember.

    Small group tours Japan Bunnicks Tours: Bunniks small group tours Japan

    Take a journey of discovery on this in-depth tour of Japan. Explore ultra-modern Tokyo, see the beauty of iconic Mt Fuji, ride the bullet train and soak up the peace and tranquillity of historic Takayama and cultural Kyoto.

    After the hustle and bustle of Tokyo we travel to Hakone and Mt Fuji to experience a more traditional side of Japanese life. Here we stay in old style ryokan accommodation, have a chance to enjoy a hot springs bath and sample a delicious Japanese dinner. We then continue our Japan tour in this region by sky gondola where we will enjoy breathtaking 360 degree views of the volcanic Hakone Mountains.

    We travel to Takayama, where we explore the old town, before continuing to Hiroshima, where we pay a moving visit to the Peace Memorial Park and Atomic Bomb Dome. Get set for a change of pace, as we board Japan’s famous bullet train – our transport to Kyoto, Japan’s former capital and very much the cultural heart of the country. We’ll see the Golden Pavilion and the Pure Water Temple. We get hands-on and enjoy sake tasting, fan making and the chance to wear a traditional Kimono! Kyoto is also the perfect base from which to venture to Mt Hiei, where we enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony and visit a traditional Buddhist sanctuary

    Small group tours Japan Intrepid Travel: Intrepid travel small group tours Japan

    A fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, Japan has a unique way of respecting the old and welcoming the new. The quirky Harajuku culture and high-tech gadgets of Tokyo sit peacefully alongside the spiritual serenity of monasteries, temples and shrines, the lasting traditions of the delicate Geishas, ritualistic tea ceremonies and onsen bathing. Japan lives in the moment with a respectful nod to the past.

  • Small group tours Japan: You will be pleased to know that not only do we work with all the major tour operators that have small group journeys throughout Japan but best of all whatever their current special offer is we provide a further discount too making it exceptional value whoever you choose.

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